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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Gandalf Murphy and the Slambovian Circus of Dreams St. Pat's Edition

What an amazing night that was! The snow on Friday (St. Pat’s) was spectacular, easily a foot between 11 am and 11pm. We were really worried about how long the storm would last, especially once the freezing rain started, but when we woke up on St. Pat’s morning it was clear as a bell everything was already plowed out!

It was SO cool meeting Amber from the Circus Fans!!!!!!!!! Shoot! We should have taken a picture! Rats. Ah well, next time.

It was LOTS of fun coming in and seeing the surprise on everyone’s face when I got there. I just about slid under my seat when they turned the spotlight on me and announced that I was there from Michigan though! I will find out who the mastermind was behind that little trick! ;-)

Got to see Tony, Tink and Chen for a minute before the show and introduce them to my friend Maura, and Joziah and Sharkey after the show. They were, as always, wonderful hosts and she was so wonderfully impressed with how much they enjoy connecting with their fans, and the level of appreciation that they have for them. Thanks to Tink for the green carnation!

I didn’t realize that there was going to be an opening act, and what a delightful surprise. Jason Spooner and his band are just wonderful! They’re coming out with a new album and played some of their new tunes and I really really enjoyed it. They have a folksy/blues/country/rock thing going on, so they fit in perfectly for opening up for the Circus.

I don’t think they did the set list that they’d planned. I know that they hadn’t been doing Yodel as much, so it was fun to have them pop that back in. The new tunes were awesome! Let it Roll is a wonderful “big dumb song” with epic qualities that will surely make it another of everyone’s faves. Tink is absolutely magical (the song, well …the woman too, but I’m referring to the song). It is a beautiful beautiful song, and an amazing tribute to the little girl in all women. It’s up on YouTube right now too and I just keep playing it over and over. Performing She’s In Her Own World right after Tink was PERFECT! That’s one that is especially close to my heart (gee, wonder why? LOL) and they’re just the perfect compliment to each other.

The Irish tunes were so full of life!! Amber had typed up the chorus to Rocky Road to DublinCircus Fans link on it, so hopefully we’ll see some new friends here. It was wonderful to have those so we could sing along, they aren’t kidding when they say that it goes along at a good clip! The Subterranean Homesick Blues surprise was lots of fun. I love it when Joziah just takes off into something and everyone just goes with the flow, like when we were in Muskegon. thanks to Shiredweller’s heads up, and it had the

Oh, and one quick SQUEEEEEEEEEEE moment: NEW CD IN JULY!!!!!!!!!!!

As always, the music was only part of what made the evening so special. I can’t think of anyone else, any other band that would recognize that someone that had come to attend a concert in another state, and that’s because they aren’t just a band. They’re our friends, people that we share our stories with, as much as they share their stories with us. They’re people that you’d go and grab a coffee with (a damn fine cup of coffee it is too!) and as always it seemed odd to leave and know that I wouldn’t be seeing them again for 3 weeks.

Thank you, you beautiful Slambovians, for another evening filled with love and the reminder that the child inside of us all has to be set free in order to truly live.

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