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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #10 (Welcome Back!)

Thirteen Things that Irk me about Petty People

Well, it’s like we were never gone, isn’t it?

Thirteen Things that Irk me about Petty People (rough week at work …who me?)

1. They are so focused on themselves that they don’t realize that they’re hurting others.
2. They take the joy out of the simplest things.
3. No consideration of anyone else.
4. Lack of Depth
5. They make mountains out of molehills.
6. They pout …and it isn’t even cute.
7. Whining …just give me the cheese and no one will be hurt.
8. They whisper, like no one around knows that they’re talking about other people behind their backs.
9. The way that they travel in gaggles …*shudder*
10. The emphasis on material possessions and “keeping up with the Jones’.”
11. The inability to sense or appreciate the world around them.
12. It never occurs to them to try to change anything in their lives.
13. They focus on the inconsequential part of an issue, rather than trying to make an impact upon the big picture problem.

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Cafe Cats at 9:53 PM 5 comments


Ah yes...I have many co-workers like that....whom I dread spending even a little time with. :-(

By Blogger THE BLUEST BUTTERFLY, at 3/01/2007 10:03 PM  

Congratulations on quitting smoking by the way. You are the second blogger that I have come across this evening who had this to be proud of.

By Blogger THE BLUEST BUTTERFLY, at 3/01/2007 10:04 PM  

That is why I like my small office, not too much of that going on. Hope work improves.

By Blogger Mitchypoo, at 3/02/2007 1:11 AM  

Unlike mitchypoo, that's exactly the reason why I hate my small office! Loved your list and couldn't agree more!

Happy TT- Jessica

By Blogger The Rock Chick, at 3/02/2007 8:42 AM  

Boy do I know a lot of petty people. You just can't get through to them.

By Blogger Lynne, at 3/02/2007 7:20 PM  

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