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Monday, November 10, 2008

Iago's Toy Box - Mancat Monday special guest!


Mama said I'm too little to be a Mancat yet, but when I went to the V-E-T today Dr. Bill said that I was up to 3.25 poundses! I think that's lots of big!

We have a big big Mancat living with us right now, so he can have Monday for now. His name is Cloud Chaser and he is sick. He has something very hard to say. Mama will type it for me:

Feline Cryptococcosis

Here is a picture of Cloud Chaser!

Tanks Mama! Cloudy is very sneezy and kinda drooly, but I like pouncing on his tail anyway! He smelled funny when he came to stay with us, and Sara didn't even growl at him! He doesn't smell so sick now, so I play with his tail and Bebe growls and Sara bops him on the head. Mama said that seems much more normal.

I hope he stays with us. He doesn't run away when I jump on his tail. I think it's because he can't see very well right now. He sure could tell where to bop me wien I jumped on his head last night though!

Gotta go! Bebe is waving her tail and I've gotta catch it!


Cafe Cats at 2:41 PM 16 comments


Hi Cloud Chaser, you look like a lovely purry mancat. I hope you get well soon. That's a nasty thing to have, but you are in the right place to be looked after and loved.

Well done Iago for getting to be a hefty little fella!

Whicky Wuudler

By Blogger Everycat, at 11/10/2008 3:23 PM  

Iago, you are very kind and polite to let Cloud Chaser have your Mancat Monday. Hopefully, he will get better soon...?

Iago, you are very cute!! I used to be 3 lbs back in the day....and I agree, I used to think that's lots big!

~Donny and Marie

By Blogger Donny and Marie and Casey, at 11/10/2008 3:25 PM  

Nice to meet you Iago and Cloud Chaser! Welcome to the Cat Blogosphere!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11/10/2008 4:07 PM  


Thnk you for visiting my bloggie. I am nearly 7 months old now and am a nearly mancat!

I'm sorry that Cloud Chaser has been poorly and I hope he will be better soon.

By Anonymous Milo, at 11/10/2008 4:50 PM  

Cloud Chaser is a very cool name. Where did he COME from? Wait! It doesn't matter - I hope he gets to STAY.
Purrs, Siena

By Blogger Cat with a garden, at 11/10/2008 5:08 PM  

We sure are sorry that Cloud Chaser isn't feeling well, but he sure looks like a nice ManCat!

By Blogger PB 'n J, at 11/10/2008 5:20 PM  

Hai Cloud Chaser, we tried to read about what yoo has, but it was too hard. We hope dat yoo get better tho, its no fun being sick!

By Blogger Shadow / Molly, at 11/10/2008 5:45 PM  

Hi! We hope Cloud Chaser feels better soon! And Iago, you should be nice to him and not jump on his tail when he doesn't feel good...wait til he feels better, then jump on his tail!

Wally, Ernie & Zoey

pee ess. thanks for visiting us! hope you visit again!

By Blogger The Island Cats, at 11/10/2008 7:05 PM  

Hey, thank you for stoppin' by my blog. You should really try catchin' Dragonflies sometimes. They're pretty tasty.

By Blogger Tristan Tabby Cat Longtail, at 11/10/2008 7:06 PM  

Iago, you are going to be a great mancat! Tell your mom I started wearing a harness when I was your size, she bought one for a ferret, and it fit great for a while. Now I wear a big one, although I like to go out without it when I can...


By Blogger Kavan, at 11/10/2008 9:46 PM  

3.25lbs! wow. you are tiny. i hope your mommy enjoys it cause i bet you won't stay that way for long!!

i think you could all share a blog. your mommy will be more likely to help you update often if she doesn't have to do all three.

i can't wait to see it!

By Blogger Name: Mr. Hendrix, at 11/10/2008 10:13 PM  

It's nice to see Cloud Chaser, and we are sending healing vibes and purrayers for him that he gets better while he's at your house.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11/10/2008 11:39 PM  

Purrrs for Cloud Chaser to get better!! Oh my gosh Iago you are growing up fast!!
Your FL furiends,

By Blogger Samantha and Mr. Tigger, at 11/11/2008 12:11 AM  

Hoping that Cloud Chaser will be well soon, and become a full fledged and honorable member of your family... we are purring for all of you.

By Blogger ZOOLATRY, at 11/11/2008 8:41 AM  

Thanks for visiting us! We sure hope Cloud Chaser feels better soon, bless heart! We are purring for him!
~The Creek Cats~

By Blogger Dana, at 11/11/2008 12:39 PM  

Hi Cloud Chaser, you sure are a cute lil mancat. We's all purring fur you.
Love & Purrs,

By Blogger ML, at 11/15/2008 10:52 PM  

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