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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sara's Salon - Tuxie Tuesday


Ma had the flashy box out the other day and she was flashing and flashing and I heard her say to Pop that she had to lowd the flashy box onto the glowy screen, but they never did it.

Cloud Chaser was sitting too close to me, but since Ma had the flashy box out I let him because it meant that I was going to bloggie today. Not only did I have to put up with his stinky butt, but now I don't even have pictures to show for it!

Bad Ma! I ain't gettin' any younger over here, ya know?

Ma said that maybe tomorrow she'll post them, but TODAY is Tuxie Tuesday and we're Tuxies! Even if Cloud Chaser is gray.

Hrmph. I need to nap and think about this.

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Cafe Cats at 12:25 PM 3 comments


Moms are like dat, Sara. If they'd just do as we say insteada finkin bout it, fings would be much better.

By Blogger Victor Tabbycat, at 11/18/2008 2:34 PM  

You know, it's bad enough they subject us to the flashy box...but to not post the pictures?? Well, that's just not right!

By Blogger The Island Cats, at 11/18/2008 7:09 PM  

Oh, we just turn our backs to her when she gets out da flashy box. Mom's are freekishly weerd.

By Blogger Zippy, Sadie and Speedy, at 11/19/2008 12:53 AM  

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