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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

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Cafe Cats at 10:15 AM 21 comments


sleep tight..

Hope you can visit mine.

Happy WW!!

By Blogger Princess Vien, at 11/12/2008 10:40 AM  

Awwwww. Cute!

By Anonymous Milo, at 11/12/2008 10:44 AM  

You guys look awfully comfortable!

By Blogger Cheysuli and gemini, at 11/12/2008 10:54 AM  

That looks a nice soft place to relax.

By Blogger Eric and Flynn, at 11/12/2008 11:16 AM  

Aaah! Synchro-sleeping we see. Excellent. Hi Sara, Hi Bebe (you are one serious floofster)

Whicky Wuudler

By Blogger Everycat, at 11/12/2008 11:17 AM  

You look very sweet together!

By Blogger Daisy, at 11/12/2008 11:29 AM  

Two cute! Mol!
-Stryder, Scotchy & Sugar

By Blogger Kellykat, at 11/12/2008 11:50 AM  

They look so cute together. Makes me want to get Oscar a snuggle buddy.
Have a great day!

By Anonymous Angie, at 11/12/2008 12:06 PM  

Looks like sychronized sleeping...you get the gold medal!

By Blogger The Island Cats, at 11/12/2008 12:10 PM  

Snug as two bugs in a rug!!!
~The Creek Cats~

By Blogger Dana, at 11/12/2008 12:26 PM  

Sara, Bebe Lago and mom Ann,

Thank you so very much for your kind compassionate words! they eman the world to me!!

Penny, Kodak, 3 Perf and Blossom

By Blogger Southbay Girl, at 11/12/2008 12:55 PM  

BEAUTIFUL KITTIES, in fact, love all the photos on your site!

Why I love Wordless Wednesday (and more Jones Gap photos)

By Blogger Daisy, at 11/12/2008 1:01 PM  

Furry comfy...

Abby the Manx

By Blogger DEBRA, at 11/12/2008 1:32 PM  

You guys look super comfy!

By Blogger The Furry Kids, at 11/12/2008 1:50 PM  

It's nice to have a napping buddy!

By Blogger jenianddean, at 11/12/2008 2:20 PM  

Cute photo.

Luf, Us

By Blogger Forty Paws, at 11/12/2008 2:51 PM  

I would love to lay next to you! Three in a row, yay.
Purrs, Siena

By Blogger Cat with a garden, at 11/12/2008 8:00 PM  

Very Very sweet~~~!

By Blogger michicoļ¼ŠAdan, at 11/12/2008 9:02 PM  

thank you so much for thinking of tesla during our hard time! We're still not completely better, but we're on the right track! thank you so much!

By Blogger Tesla & Hansel, at 11/12/2008 9:26 PM  

That is so cute! I didn't realize there were two kitties are first.

By Blogger Sweet Praline, at 11/12/2008 10:54 PM  

Awwwwwwwwwwwww......that is so sweet!! You two look so comfy!
Your FL furiends,

By Blogger Samantha and Mr. Tigger, at 11/14/2008 3:13 PM  

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