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Thursday, January 08, 2009

Sara's Salon - Country Girl

Diamond made this PAWESOME graphic of me for Thursday Thirteen today!

Ma and I both LOVE it! Thank you so much, Diamond!

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Cafe Cats at 9:59 AM 18 comments


That's a nice graphic, Sarah!


By Blogger Kiddo, at 1/08/2009 10:28 AM  

We didn't know you were a country gal at heart Sara! That's a very pretty graphic and your whiskers look particularly splendid!

Whicky Wuudler

PS: How is Mission-Dog doing? Hope she is ok.

By Blogger Everycat, at 1/08/2009 11:25 AM  

Cool graphic Sara!! You look very cute in your picture!
Your FL furiends,

By Blogger Samantha and Mr. Tigger, at 1/08/2009 1:29 PM  

AWWWW! Darling!

By Blogger Laila and Minchie, at 1/08/2009 2:19 PM  

That was a very nice T13 by Diamond.

By Blogger jenianddean, at 1/08/2009 2:32 PM  

We love your graphic too, Sara!

By Blogger The Creek Cats, at 1/08/2009 3:48 PM  

That cow looks like it's up to something! We think you look a bit like Crikey in that graphic.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1/08/2009 3:48 PM  

You look so cute - we love it!

By Blogger Lux, at 1/08/2009 4:24 PM  

Sara...you are one cute farm cat!

By Blogger The Island Cats, at 1/08/2009 7:26 PM  

That's so cool! Diamond included me today, too.

By Blogger Sweet Praline, at 1/08/2009 11:00 PM  

What a beautiful
picture Sara!

You look so majestic!

Tigger asked me to tell you, as the oldest Brat, he is always King
of the castle!
hugs, and scritches,
Pet and da Brats

By Blogger Pet and The Bengal Brats, at 1/08/2009 11:56 PM  

What a great graphic!!! Very cool!

Purrs Goldie, Shade and Banshee

By Blogger Goldie, Shade and Banshee, at 1/09/2009 6:46 AM  

What a cool graphic Sara!

By Blogger PB 'n J, at 1/09/2009 4:00 PM  

now that really is pawsome!

By Anonymous Milo, at 1/09/2009 4:56 PM  

Diamond Emerald-Eyes is very talented. I love your graphic, Sara.

By Blogger Karen Jo, at 1/10/2009 2:59 AM  

Goodbye guys! we will miss you so much!

By Blogger Tesla and Hansel, at 1/11/2009 2:55 PM  

That is a wonderful graphic!


By Blogger Donny and Marie and Casey, at 1/12/2009 1:19 PM  

We just wanted to stop by and say thank you for visiting us when our Sen-Chan went to the Bridge, and being so kind and supportive.

Tom, Tama-Chan and #1

By Blogger Sen, Tama and Tom, at 1/12/2009 3:36 PM  

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