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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

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Cafe Cats at 9:31 AM 20 comments


You two look so comfy. Is that a blankie in your arms?
~ Noah

By Blogger Cats~Goats~Quotes, at 2/11/2009 9:59 AM  

It looks like a relaxing day at your house today!

By Blogger Daisy, at 2/11/2009 1:02 PM  

Hey, how are you guys?? You look purrty comfy there!

By Blogger The Island Cats, at 2/11/2009 7:26 PM  

I feel sleepy... Purrr

By Blogger Fin, at 2/12/2009 9:05 PM  

You're making the "love-eyes" !!!

By Blogger Parker, at 2/13/2009 12:53 PM  

yoo iz so kyoot!

By Blogger Hansel, at 2/13/2009 6:35 PM  

Happy Valentine!
The Cat Realm

By Blogger The Cat Realm, at 2/14/2009 1:27 AM  

So cute you two are!! We have an Award for you on our Blog! Please come by and check it out!
Your FL furiends,

By Blogger Samantha and Mr. Tigger, at 2/19/2009 1:36 AM  

Milo: Alfie likes your blankie - he has his own blankie 'cos he's still a baby.

Alfie: I'm SO NOT a baby! just 'cos I live my blankie doesn't make me a baby!

By Anonymous Milo and Alfie, at 2/26/2009 4:27 AM  

Are you guys okay?

By Blogger Jan's Funny Farm, at 3/08/2009 11:04 PM  

Just dropped by from over at where Skeeter used to blog... 3 months ago he and Cloud Chaser and our Mr. Kelly left for the Bridge at the same time... letting you know we're thinking of you and hoping you're OK.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3/11/2009 1:45 PM  

You look very comfy there, Iago and Sara.

By Blogger Karen Jo, at 3/22/2009 2:36 AM  

purrrrr, purr, purrrrrr.

By Blogger Jan's Funny Farm, at 4/08/2009 2:59 PM  

Iago you are one sizey mancat these days. I hope Sara had enough room to sleep too.

We all hope you are doing well

Whicky Wuudler

By Blogger Everycat, at 4/20/2009 1:01 PM  

We were wondering about you and dropped by to say hello. Hoping all is well,
Siena & Chilli

By Blogger Cat with a garden, at 4/28/2009 10:54 AM  

We was wondering how you are ... we hope you're just haffing way too much fun to blog!

By Anonymous Milo and Alfie, at 6/03/2009 12:12 PM  

It was a sad day 6 months ago... we remember our Kelly Cat, and your Cloud Chaser, and send along comforting vibes and purrayers to you.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6/10/2009 8:52 AM  

We just dropped by to say Hi and we hope you are all doing well.

Purrs to you all

Whicky wuudler

By Blogger Everycat, at 9/26/2009 2:03 PM  

Just stopping by to say hello.


By Anonymous loki, at 12/10/2009 8:30 PM  

Happy Gotcha Day Sara.

By Blogger Eric and Flynn, at 1/21/2010 11:26 AM  

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